Community Justice Forum


A new model for Community Justice, underpinned by the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016, has transformed the community justice landscape to bring a local perspective to community justice. The new model places planning at the local level where decisions can be made by people who know their area best. Community Justice Partners, including relevant third sector organisations, work together to improve Community Justice outcomes for Perth and Kinross.

PKAVS Third Sector and Volunteering Hubs have been working closely with partners around Community Justice since 2016.  As a Third Sector Interface, our role is to connect, develop and enable third sector groups and organisations with an interest in improving Community Justice outcomes in Perth & Kinross to be involved in local decision making.

The main conduit between the Community Justice Partners and the third sector is a Community Justice Third Sector Forum.



The Forum seeks to encourage and enable communication, participation and collaboration between Third Sector organisations and strategic partners within the field of community justice, by achieving the following:

  • Play an integral part in the strategic planning and commissioning of services in the field of community Justice
  • Facilitate strategic engagement of Third Sector organisations working in the field of community justice and operating in Perth and Kinross
  • Coordinate the development and delivery of services provided by Third Sector organisations working in the field of community justice in Perth and Kinross
  • Operate as a two-way communication and information sharing platform between the Third Sector and Perth and Kinross Community Justice Partnership.


The Forum is open to any Third Sector organisation contributing to, or with an interest in, community justice outcomes in Perth & Kinross.


Chairing duties of Forum meetings is shared amongst Forum members. Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Service (PKAVS), as Third Sector Interface, provides operational and facilitation services for the Forum. 

PKAVS is a registered Scottish Charity (SC 005561)
& a company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in Scotland (86065)